We are a warm and inviting church community that seeks to know Christ’s love in our lives. We strive to apply God’s word in our daily works, nurture our children in the love and knowledge of God, and build a congregation that knows and cares for every member. Through worship, fellowship, service, and learning, we become increasingly aware of God’s grace. We invite you to join us.

See and hear St. Anselm’s Rector, John Sutton


Church Services, Meetings and Events
during the Corona Virus Epidemic

Due to the coronavirus epidemic’s restrictions, St. Anselm’s will not be holding live Sunday services in the immediate future.  Nor will other live events (meetings, parties, etc.) be held during this period.   But we can continue to gather for Sunday services and other meetings and events via the internet using the ZOOM program.

Sunday Services on ZOOM

There will be one online service each Sunday, starting at 9 AM Pacific time.  It will be conducted by Father John Sutton, St. Anselm’s rector. It will be a said service similar to the one normally held at 8AM.  Our music director, Andrew Huddart, will play the organ and piano, but the choir will not sing.  There will be a liturgy of the word, the sermon, and the eucharist.  At the time when communion is normally shared, participants are welcome to share their own bread and wine as a memorial of the sacraments. Total service time will be approximately 40 minutes.

Should you wish to invite friends to the service, feel free.  We have upgraded our membership and can now have up to 500 participants.  If your friends would like to become regular participants, send their email and contact info to Cathy Witkay at cathy.w@stanselms.ws.

You may access the the Sunday service using ZOOM via computer or smart phone.  Click here to see instructions for connecting with ZOOM with these devices.  Links to videos of the four past services can be found at the bottom of the instruction sheet.

Other Events on ZOOM

Information on how to join various groups and their schedules is presented in our current newsletter.   Current groups include Sacred Ground, Grief Support, Morning Prayer, Cancer Support, and Vestry.

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