Vehicle Donation Program


You and St. Anselm’s both benefit when you contribute your vehicle via the V-DAC
(Vehicle Donation to Any Charity) program. V-DAC is a national firm that sells used vehicles to others at very efficient wholesale auctions.

How it Works

Either through an on-line wizard or using an 800 number, donors provide
information about their vehicles to a central charity (Independent Charities
of America [ICA]), designating St. Anselm’s Episcopal Church as the beneficiary of
their donation.

A vehicle-remarketing  company then collects the required
information and documents, supervises the pick-up, sale and title transfer
of the vehicle, and provides tax forms to the donor. It then subtracts its
costs and delivers the net proceeds to the ICA.

ICA receives a funds-handling fee, pays a management fee
to V-DAC and then disburses the remainder to St. Anselm’s, along with an
accounting of the donor, sale, costs and donation details. ICA also reports the costs of converting vehicle into cash as its own “fund raising costs”.

V-DAC handles all supporter questions, tax issues and non-profit

Program Features and Benefits

  • V-DAC takes any vehicle (car, truck, motorcycle recreational vehicle,
    boat, airplane, or farm machine) anywhere in America, running or not.
  • V-DAC provides a free, easy, quick, and secure alternative to selling or
    trading-in the vehicle yourself.  You avoid the hassle of selling it
    yourself.  No ads, no dealing with strangers.
  • You are entitled to receive a tax deduction equal to the sales price of
    the vehicle, if you itemize your deductions.
  • Application by internet or phone is simple.   You provide
    information about the vehicle. V-DAC and ICA do everything else.
  • V-DAC controls costs and tries to return as much as possible of the
    gross proceeds to the designated charities.  For example, V-DAC
    returned an average of 61% of gross proceeds in 2007.  According to a
    2005 report by the California Attorney General, the average return for
    vehicle donation programs in all states was 49%.
  • There is no liability to the church, cost, staff time, contract or risk.
  • The church has no fund-raising costs.
  • The church has access to detailed reports of sales, costs, donor
    information and marketing resources

To learn more about V-DAC and/or start the donation process, click on the V-DAC
icon below.

Vehicle Donation