Take a Tour: Selwyn Jackson Hall


In 2005 we remodeled and greatly enlarged our old parish hall. We named the hall after Selwyn Jackson, a long-time parishioner, for his great generosity to St. Anselm’s throughout the years. The hall serves as a focal point for our parish life.

The hall features a spacious high-ceilinged events and dining area capable of seating 132 for dining and 283 for assembly. Large glass windows look out on a landscaped garden slope. Deer and wild turkeys can often be seen on the slope, especially near dusk.  A large-screen video is available for use.

Meetings can be held in an expansive conference room (above), in the library, or in the events and dining area.

Meals are prepared in a large, modern kitchen.

Solar panels mounted on the parish hall roof supply about 3/4 of the church’s power needs and reduce the generating portion of its electrical bill to zero.

All of our interior rest rooms are handicapped-accessible. Spaces in the hall are available for rental to outside groups.

Selwyn Jackson Hall is available for meetings and events.
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