Take a Tour: Church Building


Our church is built in the round, that is, the pews surround a central altar. It was patterned after a similar church in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, at the urging of Bishop James A. Pike.

The noted architect, Olaf Hammarstrom, adapted his Wellfleet design for St. Anselm’s to include a free-standing bell tower and a simplified roof with a central skylight above the altar. The church seats about 240 people when filled to capacity.

The church interior has many arresting features. The stained-glass window was designed by the New York artist Glidden Parker. Its title is “The Atonement,” a major subject of St. Anselm’s writings.

The baptismal font is a deep-sea giant clam shell mounted on a handmade stand.

The Stations of the Cross, mounted on the south wall, depict events during Christ’s Passion, from his being condemned to death to being laid in the tomb. They were created by Fran Moyer, a Mendicino artist. She chose welded steel as her medium because, in her words, “fire and steel were expressive of the enormous theme.”

The bell in the free-standing bell tower is an old ship’s bell, given in honor of a member’s three daughters by their godfather with the request that it be rung “in a joyful manner before each service.” His request is faithfully honored.


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