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on Difficult Journeys

The Need for Caring Relationships

Many people are in crisis.  Some examples: Marital challenges, separations and divorces; issues with family and children; financial setbacks and job losses; illnesses or hospitalizations; disabilities; loneliness and isolation; aging; serious losses or deaths; crises of faith.  People facing such challenges can benefit from the support of a caring confidant. 

How Stephen Ministry Helps to Meet this Need

The Stephen Ministry program was founded in 1975.  In it, trained Christian care givers work one-on-one with those facing life challenges.  They listen, provide support, and take emotional “walks” beside their hurting care receivers. Carefully selected to serve in this role, Stephen Ministers must go through a detailed application process, and then receive 50 hours of training in providing emotional and spiritual care.  In addition, they participate in regular supervision meetings and continuing education.  

When they enter a caring relationship, Stephen Ministers commit to “being there” for their care receivers.  They meet faithfully for about an hour each week, as long as there’s a need, for several months to a year or more. Stephen Ministry is confidential.  The identity of those receiving care and what takes place in each caring relationship remains private.  Father John and the Stephen Leader are the only people who know the complete list of those receiving care. Even in monthly supervision sessions, the names of care receivers are never revealed.

If you are interested in exploring Stephen Ministry further, please refer to the following website:

Stephen Ministry at St. Anselm’s

St. Anselm’s has participated in Stephen Ministry since 2000. We are blessed with an active group of trained leaders and caregivers who are ready to reach out.  For more information, to request a Stephen Minister, or to discuss the possibility of becoming  a Stephen Minister yourself, please call the church office at 925-284-7420 or click here to send an e-mail message.

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