St. Anselm’s Testimonials


Here is what St. Anselm’s parishioners and visitors say about their church:

  • At St. Anselm’s — whether looking around the communion rail, participating in a class or retreat, or enjoying a meal in Jackson Hall — we find people who genuinely care and actively work to grow in community with Christ and each other.  Marian Mulkey
  • St. Anselms is where we go weekly to recharge our spiritual batteries.  Jan White
  •  St. Anselm’s is a place where I can nourish my soul and have a good laugh at the same time.   Gail Clarke.
  •  St. Anselm’s is a perfect compromise for a Catholic married to a Methodist raising both of their children as Episcopalians.   Dick White
  •  When I was church shopping, I visited a lot of churches. However, when I walked inside St. Anselm’s, I immediately felt like I was coming home.   Sherry Gary
  •  We live in Santa Cruz, but often come to Rossmoor to visit.  We always attend church at St. Anselm’s because it is such a friendly place.   Visitors
  •  St. Anselm’s blend of spirituality and everyday good works makes it the perfect place for me.   Doug Merrill
  •  In my very long life and many moves, I have belonged to many churches and never before have I found the warmth, caring and love that resounds from St Anselms, my second home.   Hedy Blackmore
  • After Norm and I retired to Rossmoor and settled in, we started to look for our spiritual home … and as soon as we walked into St. Anselm’s we knew we were home! It has always felt so comfortable both spiritually and socially.   Shiela Gorsuch

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