Ministry to the Homeless


In just the last 10 years the number of homeless people has soared throughout America. The national trends are staggering. Here in Contra Costa County, at least 15,000 souls will be homeless for some period of time over the next 12 months. On any given night, over 350 county men, women and children will be forced to find shelter beneath freeway overpasses, in alleys, parks, or doorways..hungry, frightened, cold, and overwhelmed by a sense of helplessness. Increased unemployment, a rise in poorer-paying part time jobs, and soaring rents and home prices make it inevitable that the homeless challenge will only grow in scope.   The men and women of St. Anselm’s support the homeless of Contra Costa County through the Winter Nights and the Harvest Festival programs, described below.


St. Anselm’s  provides a week of meals and two weeks of shelter during during the rainy season.


Proceeds from this event help support the activities of Trinity Center.

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