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St. Anselm’s Episcopal Church has an active Stephen Ministry group. The Stephen Ministers at St. Anselm’s are: Gene Bozorth, Naomi Chamberlain-Harris, Ina Merrill, Judy Peak, Gerry Starr, and Sara Swimmer. Vicki Pappas is the Stephen Ministry Leader. Stephen Ministers have received 50 hours of specialized training so that they can provide one-to-one Christian care to people who are experiencing grief, loneliness, divorce, hospitalization, job loss, and many other life difficulties. All care-giving relationships are absolutely confidential. We listen, care, encourage and pray for our Care Receivers. We walk alongside those who are going through a difficult time. We hope that you will consider asking for a Stephen Minister when you or someone you know has a need. It is not necessary for the person to be a member of St. Anselm’s. We also have a relationship with a consortium of churches so we have people from other churches who can act as Stephen Minsters for our church members. We are a small church, so some of you may be more comfortable with someone you don’t know. We also hope that you will consider becoming a Stephen Minister. For more information please speak with Father John or Vicki Pappas.



The following office changes became effective Tuesday, May 30th

  • Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  9:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Sara Nelson was the brains behind the hugely successful idea of having sliders, hot dogs, soda and beer to help us honor the Dads.   She carried through on all the shopping and cooking for our Father’s Day celebration at St. Anselm’s.  Thanks too to all those who helped with the clearing and clean-up.


In addition to fixing our irrigation system at the church, we are soon to start adding lighting for the parking lot and the courtyard in front of the church.  On the evening of Wednesday July 12th at 8:30 PM, our contractor, Admiral’s Choice, will be simulating two iterations of how we might install that lighting.  If you are interested, you are invited to be present and provide your input.  If you need a ride, let Father John know and we will coordinate finding you one.


People are increasingly asking “Why all the construction cones, yellow tape, and ditches on the west side of the church?”  The short answer is “It’s an irrigation system re-do.”   There’s more to the story, of course.   Earlier this year, Admiral’s Choice (AC) was hired to develop a lighting upgrade for the church courtyard and parking lot. The first part of its work included mapping the church’s electrical circuitry, which included the irrigation-system circuits, which involved some digging.  This led to the discovery of many irrigation system inefficiencies, including broken and leaking pipes, failed and ancient control valves, and a system greatly in need of reorganization.   So AC is fixing all that, providing a centralized flow-control system, and extending lines to areas that might be landscaped in the future.    The irrigation upgrade has priority, as hot weather is approaching.   AC hopes to finish it in June.  When it’s completed, AC will resume work on the courtyard/lighting project.


Joan Yao will be exhibiting some of her paintings at the Moraga Public Library throughout June.  The library is open Tuesday through Sunday.

We are trying something new in the Canterbury Tales. On a monthly basis we will publish what we are calling the “Recipe of the Month”.  Where do the recipes come from?  Anyone in the Parish is welcome and encouraged to submit as many recipes as they desire. Here are some guide lines:  Recipes must be easy to prepare for anyone with basic cooking skills, must not take too long to prepare (say 20 minutes or less), be aimed at the diner meal, be such that left overs for 1-2 nights will be available, and of course  must be nutritious and good tasting. Thanks in advance for your participation.  Please submit your recipes to Dick Orear by clicking here or by mail to Dick at 237 Overhill Road, Orinda, CA 94563.


Once again, a big thank you to all who have hosted the 10 o’clockers’ coffee hour throughout the past months.   There are some great opportunities for resourceful bakers and/or TJ’s shoppers in the coming weeks/months and the sign-up sheets are in the kitchen awaiting your name[s].   Please take a moment to find a date that suits your schedule at any time during 2017.   It would be appreciated by all.If you have any questions contact Sara Swimmer, who has offered to manage this part of our Parish Life program.   She can be reached at by filling out this form or 925-216-9890    Thank you for your support.


Have you ever wanted to go sailing on the bay? Join us on Saturdays this summer. The cost is about $75 per person with six people in a party. Interested? Dates to be announced. Sign-up in Jackson Hall. Questions?? Contact Jim Morrison or Foster Lipscomb. Come have some fun! (There’s a video posted on St. Anselm’s website from a couple of years ago of  the Vestry trip)


Established in 1976, the Contra Costa Child Care Council is a nonprofit organization that is the only child care resource and referral agency serving all of Contra Costa.   Our mission is to provide leadership to promote and advance quality care and early education. Innovative programs, free or low cost services and child development expertise help parents work and children grow, learn and fulfill their potential.  Contact us for assistance and/or support our work for children and families (925)676-5442;

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