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St. Anselm’s is blessed with many interesting and worth-while activities and programs. Our website describes them all, but it (the website) is large and may seem complicated to first-time viewers. It may be hard to find what you want in this welter of information. This page is designed to help you.

If you’ve reached us via an internet search engine, it’s likely that you landed on our home page. This page has contact information, a slide show, and a short video by our rector, John Sutton.   Below John’s video are the church calendar for the current week and a listing of upcoming events for the next few months.

On the left side of all website pages you’ll find a menu with links to various topics. Some are quite specific; “Preschool” is an example. Click there and you’ll get a single page with complete information about our Michael Lane Preschool.

Other links, such as St. Anselm’s Caring Ministries, are more general and cover many activities.   For example, St. Anselm’s Caring Ministries provides sub-links to pages describing our Ministry to the Homeless, Cancer Support, Grief Support, Stephen Ministry, Prayer Chain, and Senior’s Ministry groups.   Follow these sub-links for more detailed information about the activities that interest you.

If you don’t see what you want on the left menu (or anywhere else), try our search engine. Say you suspect we have a Cancer Support group and are interested in learning about it. However, it’s not shown on the left menu. To resolve this dilemma type a key word such as “Cancer” in the search box at the top right of the page. After you type a few letters the search engine will sense your interest in cancer.  It will then present a drop-down menu with thumbnails showing the titles and first few lines of all articles whose titles contain the word “Cancer”. Click on the thumbnail of the article that attracts you and you’ll be immediately taken to the full article.

We welcome your feedback. If you have suggestions on how to make the St. Anselm’s website more user friendly, please send an contact us by clicking here.

Doug Merrill

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