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On Wednesday mornings St. Anselm’s offers a one-hour class in Hatha Yoga designed to increase your flexibility and provide a midweek energy boost. The class, which lasts from 9:30 AM to 10:30  AM, is open to all. Class is held in a spacious, airy room overlooking a beautiful hillside garden. We ask for a $10 donation per class towards the cost of the instructor.

It’s well known that yogic exercises can lead to increased strength and flexibility. It’s perhaps less appreciated that it can also create internal harmony leading to increased energy while reducing tension. This aspect of yoga can provide a feeling of peace and give direct access to unaccustomed levels of consciousness (the spirit).

Our teacher, Anina Hutchison, works at a pace comfortable for each individual. Anina has over ten years experience teaching classical Hatha-style yoga and has a keen eye for body alignment and muscle balance. She is careful to explain the purpose of each exercise and the benefits the student might expect to derive from it. She is also sensitive to the problems that students with stiff bodies may have assuming difficult poses and offers alternatives that help them grow in ability.

Participants will need a yoga mat. 

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