Harvest Festival, 2015


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A message from our Rector, John Sutton


If someone had told me last month that we would raise $30,000 for Trinity Center this year, I would have said ‘I think that is a bit optimistic.’ While we don’t know the final number quite yet, we know that we grossed over that amount. A very dedicated team of volunteers, led by Marty Fischer made this happen. (Their names are listed below this message.)

The effort that our community has made to improving the lives of the homeless has been impressive. If I have my finger on the pulse of this congregation, it is telling me that we are claiming this important ministry as our own. Moreover, our commitment has picked up over the last several years, as Trinity Center’s ministry to the homeless has expanded.

It is so clear to me this is the ministry we are called to support. Contra Costa County leaders are now acknowledging the need to do something about homelessness, and Trinity Center is the cogent voice that is persuading them.

To all of you who have generously contributed, congratulations! Pull out your Bible and read Matthew 25-34-40.

Trinity Center is going to be offering us new opportunities in the coming year to serve- food drives, clothing drives and holiday meals. And in these too, we will have the opportunity to experience the joy of service. Not from the pages of the Bible, but in our eyes meeting the gratitude in the eyes of those we are called to serve.

I thank these volunteers for making this successful event so successful:

  • The Harvest Festival Planning Committee: Gail Clarke, Marty Fischer, Sheila Gorsuch, Foster Lipscomb, Jim & Sally Morrison, John Powers, Calvin Sherwood, John Sutton, Paul Witkay and ShandaYoung.
  • All who helped with organization, set-up and clean-up: Roseanna Conlon, Sally Fischer, Carol Fontana, Norm Gorsuch, Dharmini Harichandran, Zoe Hekmaty, Michael Hollinger, Jordon Lipscomb, Ina Merrill, Marian Mukley, Jill Schon, Liz Sutton, Sylvia Williams, Avon Wilson, and Kelsey Witkay.
  • All who bought raffle tickets, attended the event, participated in the auctions and made donations to the Trinity Center.

You can learn  more about the event by clicking the following link to Vicki Pappas’ article, which appeared in the October 7, 2015 edition of the Lamorinda Weekly.   Harvest Festival, Lamorinda Weekly Article.

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