Environmental Series: Learning and Doing


Starting May, 2014 we began writing a series of environmental articles in our monthly newsletter, Canterbury Tales.  “We” are Doug Merrill and John Powers.   Our intent is to raise awareness of environmental issues and their effects on us, to describe what we might do to help, and what others are doing.  We offer tips about resource conservation, discuss the effects of policy, describe upcoming technology, and more.    John’s background is in energy and Doug’s in water.  That doesn’t mean we will limit ourselves to those topics; the subject matter is limitless.  We encourage others with environmental interests to contribute to this series. 

To view these articles, click on the links below:

1.  Global Warming–Why it Happens

2.  Solar Power–More Affordable than Ever

3.  St. Anselm’s Response to the Drought:  A Success Story

4.  Be Smart about Buying Light Bulbs–Get LEDs

5. Stuff

6. Man-Made Carbon Dioxide–Where it Comes from and Where it Goes

7.  Reducing Your Home’s Gas Use

8.  Food and Water

9.  Pathways to Deep Decarbonization: An Overview

10.  Plastics

11. Having a Green Lawn While Using Less Water

12.  Good News on Solar Energy

13.  Easy, Inexpensive, and Effective Ways to Save Water in the Home

14.   Climate Change and Social Justice

15.   Trees

16.   Electric Cars

17.   Our Huge Hidden Water Consumption

18.   From Paris to Lafayette

19.   St. Anselm’s Water Champions

20.  Community Choice Aggregation

21.   St. Anselm’s Receives Award form Interfaith Power and Light

22.  Easier than You Might Think

23.  We Love Our Electric Cars.  Here’s Why


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