We are a warm and inviting church community that seeks to know Christ’s love in our lives. We strive to apply God’s word in our daily works, nurture our children in the love and knowledge of God, and build a congregation that knows and cares for every member. Through worship, fellowship, service, and learning, we become increasingly aware of God’s grace. We invite you to join us.


See and hear St. Anselm’s Rector, John Sutton

Sunday Services

8 AM and 10 AM

10 AM service has music

What’s happening at St. Anselm’s ?

This Week, April 25 – May 1, 2016

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Mon 4/15 Contemporary Bible Study 11 AM
Tue 4/26 “Oil and Its Outcomes” Series 7 PM
 Wed 4/27 Hatha Yoga 9:30 AM
Preschool Board Meeting
Holy Eucharist w/o music 8 AM
Altar Guild meeting 9:15 AM
Holy Eucharist w/ music 10 AM
Cancer Support Group
 11 AM

Near Events Beyond This Week

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Tue 7 PM Oil and It’s Outcomes forumTuesday, March 29 — Britain and Germany Compete for SupremacyTuesday, April 5 — Controlling the Middle EastTuesday, April 12 — Oily Powers Behind the Thrones

Tuesday, April 19 — OPEC

Tuesday, April 26 — “The Devil’s Excrement”

Jackson Hall


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Monday through Thursday